​The Cocky's Ute

​30 years together
She never let me down
Chasing sheep and cattle
Hauling bales of hay
For three or four years
She was the family car
The old EH ute
The best Holden ever made

256 thousand miles
Hasn't missed a beat
Starting to look at little old
Bloody rust in every panel
A dent from the time
I backed into the shearing shed
The seat is torn and lumpy
Chucked a rug on it - good as new

She goes too
She really bloody goes
Got to fifty going into town
Rattling and shaking
The hole in the exhaust
Makes it a bit loud
Ran over two white posts
Last week going to town

Bloody new cop in town
He pulled me up
G'day mate I said
Friendly as hell
He says the ute's a bit noisy
Wotdoyamean I says back
You sound like a bloody
Truck coming down the road

We looked under the ute
Crikey the muffler was gone
Probably on a stump
Up in the back paddock
I'll have to book you
Bloody hell young fella
Alright go and get a new one
Jimmy Young'll look after you

The horn doesn't work
Big crack in the windscreen
One wiper blade
Slam it and it'll stay shut
Dents and rust all over
Rough as guts to look at
But by crikey you lot
It's as quiet as a mouse