​The Donald Show

They stood on a platform
At the front of a tent
Big pictures of boxers
Adorned it's facade

It was the Donald Show
Second Saturday of October
A kid's social highlight
Fairy floss and sample bags

Somebody told me
They had animals
Parading and jumping
How boring!!

Six hard looking blokes
Five white one black
They'd seen better years
Donald wasn't Festival Hall

Big white bloke
Rang the bell
Shorter over weight fella
Belting the drum

The announcer mic in hand
Called Donald's finest
To take up the challenge
And win five quid

Who'll fight the darkie
He called
One by one
The boxers were matched

In we streamed
The tent was crowded
As the first fight
Was introduced

Six fights between
Worn out hacks
And half full locals
Were entertaining

Rabbit killers
Kidney punches
Head butts and knees
Were exchanged

One local won
The rest were heroes
They were tough enough
To take them on

The combatants hit the pub
Us kids looking for more adventure
Maybe the bearded lady
Sample bags and lollies for sure