​The Footy Match

​The arena was small
A surface of gravel
Wood heap on one flank
The car shed the dunny
And the back verandah
Make up the boundaries

They faced off
Two scrawny kids
One ten the other eight
Each determined to win
Once or twice a week
This battle was fought

Essendon versus Hawthorn
A ten year old Ken Fraser
Kicking with the wind
An eight year old John Peck
Wearing brown and gold
Hoping it wouldn't rain

The ball landed in a puddle
Time to wipe it dry
A goal saw Essendon hit the lead
The action was heating up
One player hit the gravel
Ran crying to mum

The second quarter started
The crying was over
A wild kick saw the ball
Land in the wood heap
After a brief argument
The ball was retrieved

All this was very serious
Pride was on the line
Hard tackles kicking goals
Ripped shirts skinned knees
This was so much fun
It should last all night

The final siren was mum
Calling us for tea
Put the ball on the verandah
Trooped in like heroes
Returning from battle
Ready to eat