​The house needed paint
Kids said it was haunted
Nobody had lived there for years
At 21 Hammill Street

On the way home from school
Kids crossed the road
One day Steven Bayles
Saw a curtain move

There are dead kids
Buried in the backyard
They were killed in the house
My brother told me

Wanna go and look
We could do it Saturday
I'm not sure
We might get killed

I'll bring Brian's .22
No-one will kill us then
You got any bullets
I have a few

Friday they made plans
Nine O'clock they'd meet
Out the front
Don't be late

Sleep was slow coming
Their minds racing
Are the ghosts killers
Does someone live there

Two brave 10 year olds
Met at nine
Steve had the gun
Phil was scared

They walked around the house
Then opened the back door
It was quiet and eerie
They cautiously entered

Floors creaking
Footsteps echoing
Through the kitchen
Then the bathroom

Slowly getting braver
Joking about ghosts
They entered the lounge room
Then they froze

Sitting in a chair
An old lady
Who smiled and
Said hello boys

Steve dropped the gun
It went off
Both kids headed
For the door

They ran for 10 minutes
Not game to look back
The ghost was after them
They were sure

They sat on the swings
At the park
Nervously laughing at each other
Getting braver by the minute

I'm not going back there
Me neither
What about the gun
The ghost can have it

​The Haunted House