​You pray to God
How do you know he is there
Where is there
Are you sure he's not the sun

Of course he is there
Who made our world our universe
He listens to us loves us so
My mother is with him now

You look up at the sky
Why not pray to the sun
Why not pray to the moon
They influence our world

You will go to hell
For eternity
Fire and damnation
Your constant companions

Your God is for peace and love
Why does he allow suffering
He uses nature to destroy
How do you know he isn't Allah

I pray to him each day
He fills me with faith and love
I can feel him with me
Watching over me every day

It is all in your mind
No-one has seen him
Or been to heaven
No-one has been to hell

Father forgive him
He's knows not what he says
Come pray for forgiveness
Nah, I'm going to have a beer

The Heathen and the Believer