​She stared mesmerised
Into his blue green eyes
She had loved this man for years
In front of her family and friends
They are to become one
Through sickness and in health

Her proud mother sat at the front
Tears running down her cheeks
If only her dad was here to see her
They both miss their husband and father
A gem of a man gone at 48
No one should go that young

The minister said a third time
Would you take this man
Yes yes yes of course I will
Snapping out of her daze
The crowd laughed as she blushed
He always has that effect on her

She jumped into his arms
As they were pronounced man and wife
The congregation clapped and cheered
Mr and Mrs Shawn Carson saluted
The World for the first time
Welcomed by a shower of rose petals

A five tiered white cake
Topped with a bride and groom
The star of the reception
Speeches tears hugs and kisses
Battles for bouquets and garters
A day to remember always

Debbie introduced Shawn to her dad
For the first time as her husband
She sat on his grave
Quietly she spoke to him
Tears streamed down her face
With mixed emotions so sad so happy

Shawn promised to always be there
Love and protect her always
Their first boy would bear his name
They hugged silent in their thoughts
Promising to return for his birthday
A year from yesterday

The Wedding