Saddam Hussein is dead
Osama Bin Laden is not
The World is a better place
But not better enough

Hitler died in 1945
He was an evil tyrant
Russia stepped up and
Became the major threat

Communism no longer a force
Islam took it's place
The World shakes in fear
They don't care who they kill

The World Trade Centre came down
Killing nearly three thousand
In the middle of New York
Scaring the World into hiding

They came from the Arab World
Death was their reward
Planes hit the twin towers
Arabs danced in the streets

You can't do that to Uncle Sam
He picked up his guns
Marched on the Taliban
Rescued Afghanistan for it's people

Not finished not caring
They headed after Saddam
We might as well invade
We're already in the neighbourhood

Expecting cheers and love
Uncle rolled into Baghdad
It was not to be
The Sunnis and Shiites faced off

Killing more Iraqis
Than Americans
We can't stop them
They need a dictator

​There's Always a Bad Guy