​Too Cold To Get Wood

​We were watching BTV Juniors
It was cold and wet outside
Late July was always cold
There'll be a frost for sure
We didn't have a fire
It was too cold to get wood

Skinny legs just touching the floor
No one was going outside
The back door open and shut
Coughing announced Dad's arrival
Where's the bloody fire
You lazy little buggers

I ducked as I ran past
Out into the winter rain
Grabbing wood quickly
An armful and I headed back
A little wet a lot cold
I dropped it on the hearth

The old man still grumbling
Had rolled up paper waiting
He piled the wood on
Washed kero all over it
That'll get it going
He added a burning match

A whoosh and a roar
The old man jumped back
He wasn't scared
He never got scared
Flames headed up the chimney
Hope the house doesn't burn down

The room soon warmed up
The fire settled down
Still grumbling after tea
He poked the fire around
We watched Bellbird on the ABC
No bloody ads for us