​The room goes quiet
The man has entered
Wiry whiskers grace his chin
Hair pulled around a bald spot
Into a small tail

You must wash
Brush your teeth
Respect others
Let them speak
No need to stink

Ted is our man
For the next three weeks
Teaching us to drive
Around the country
In big bloody trucks

Accents from across the World
Around the country
From the sub-continent
A bloke from down under
Mix with various American accents

There is no such thing
As a dumb question
After three days
He's got it wrong
I've heard plenty

Tomorrow we head to DMV
Permits to be won
A few to be lost
The class will shrink
We'll lose a few

Truckers we will be
On the nation's highways
Making Ted proud
Keeping America moving
At 26 cents a mile ​

​Truck Driving School