​Trucker Phil

A black ribbon wound before me
As far as the eye could see
To the horizon and beyond
Yellow lines divided it
Lumbering trucks on the right
Cars slipping along the left

The whine of the turbo
As we start up hills
Gives you the sense of power
As Bjorn and I pass others
Some struggle to the top
Others fast as cars

Bjorn is my trusty friend
A big white Swede
Strong as 470 horses
Healthy tread hits the road
He drinks about seven gallons
Every mile this Volvo covers

My first month was eventful
Wrong directions took me
150 miles out of my way
Missing a sign another 40
I struggled up the grapevine
Tilted a corner light post

Late Autumn to Seattle
Scared the hell out of me
It bloody snows up there
Alright you can go to Sydney
Sidney Nebraska for Cabelas
What did I know

I drive hard the first day
Get me the hell out of here
I got to Wyoming and slept
How did the cowboys survive
It snowed overnight
Ahh, my first drive in snow

Carefully I took off
Ice hanging from the trailer
The road seemed free of snow
Trucks flew past my 55 MPH
I started to follow a truck
Around a very slow one

I moved to the centre
I started to drift sideways
Hit the brake
That helped a lot slid even faster
Bjorn started dancing
We turned sideways

Sitting in the driver's seat
Waiting to roll
A cop with his lights flashing
Was heading towards me
Then we gripped and parked
Perfectly at the roadside

Jumping out of the truck
The brown road wasn't bitumen
Struggling to retain my balance
I now knew it was ice
I casually walked up to the cop
Who had just arrived

I bet that looked cool
I commented the cop snarled
I was alright he left
A very busy time ahead
At least 17 trucks crashed
Or rolled that day

It can only get better
I plan to do it for ten years
I haven't got a ticket for speeding
Have for being too long
I get to see America
Only 143 months to go