Uncle Merv

Soft music
Filled the room
Machines beeping
Family sobbing quietly

A much loved man
Who walked this Earth
For only 66 years
His demise unexpected

A middle class childhood
Through the 1940's
Led him to the air force
And into adulthood

His father died in 1964
After a good life
Died in his mid 60's
Another taken early

It was back to New south
For this prodigal son
The next nine years
There was hardly a word

A visit from his twin
Brought the family relief
He is fit and healthy
She reported back

After five years of silence
He greeted her arrival
With a g'day and a smile
As he entered the shower

Four years later it was time
Time to return to the fold
Once again a brother
A son and an uncle

Uncle be damned
That's not me
Just call me Merv
Merv was my mate

He was a bit eccentric
Outgoing and friendly
Settled in Ballarat
Eventually with Gwen

You couldn't not like Merv
Always a joke
Or a helping hand
He really was a good bloke

That Sunday night
My saddest phone call
He was in hospital
In a really bad way

Here my favourite relative
Lies on his death bed
Nothing can be done
His body shut down

Surrounded by step kids
Nephews numbered three
We said our goodbyes
It was time to let go

A switch was turned off
His journey to the hereafter
Had just begun
The room filled with sadness