​Vallejo Ca 94590 

This city of contrasts
Drug dealers on corners
Matrons of Hiddenbrooke
Driving their new BMW's
Neglected babies crying
In ramshackle areas

Youths amble across streets
In defiance of motorists
Underwear above the belts
Shirts sizes too big
Hard to find a neat teen
That isn't a girl

Grand old houses on Georgia
Tell of past fortunes
Colonies of section eight
Spreading across the city
Hiddenbrooke and Mare Island
Resisting the flow

Diseased with crime
Sirens the constant reminder
Cries of overpaid police
But no-one will swap
Parents aren't any help
More self interested these days

Big stores don't move there
Empty buildings bear witness
New chances voted down
Vallejo has taken a beating
These caring citizens
Keeping it that way

Doesn't have to be like this
Stop this rampant decay
Parents take an interest in the kids
Clean your street and yard
Pride is very infectious
It can start in the home

Too many political agendas
Too many selfish attitudes
More stores will close
High unemployment continues
No future for the kids
No future for the city