In The Wake of the Drought

​It has been three months
Since the rains came
Breaking the drought at Christmas
The countryside turned green
The animals got fat
And the Murray bloody flooded

The Belle was working hard
Had been seven days a week
Albury Mildura and all towns
In between were ports of call
All along the river
Business was booming

Bluey escaped from the pub
With Donata at his side
He piloted Belle down the river
To Swan Hill and Mildura
Their wedding date drawing near
Life had never been better

Stoking the boiler was Curly
His dog Murray right at home
Chasing mice and running everywhere
They made a great team
Even when Murray didn't listen
He was still Curly's mate

The happiest and most contented
Whistling as he walked the Deck
The Captain was where he belonged
Riding the river with his crew
The Belle laden with cargo
Much needed in river towns

Supplies from Sydney
Were loaded in Albury
Delivered from town to town
Yarrawonga Echuca onto Mildura
It was time to rebuild
Time to look ahead

It will take time
To recover from the damage
Done by six years of drought
The country dry and barren
No feed for the animals
Workers had moved away

Life was slowly returning
The countryside turning green
Farmers plowing paddocks
Animals chewing green grass
Atmosphere in towns had changed
People now looked forward to tomorrow

Friday nights at the pub
Was now a loud joyous time
Jokes stories and games
The odd fight or two
Enjoying good times again
Trying to forget the drought