​Wangoom to Jeffcott

They worked all day
Loading their worldly goods
The wagon loaded, stove and all
For tomorrow it was time
A great journey lay a head
A month of long hot days

After an early breakfast
There were tearful farewells
Two horses on the front
Mandy their cow tied on the rear
They hoped to cover over 20 miles
Day after day until their arrival in Jeffcott

Time went very slow for Joe
Time was spent riding a horse
Walking beside the wagon
Or just studying the countryside
Each day it changed a little more
The further north the warmer it was

Mostly across plains they travelled
After a week they crossed
A small mountain range
With it came dry heat
Crossing a river became a highlight
Dry flat country the norm

A day after the mountains houses appeared
They came into a small town
About 150 buildings, shops and houses
Nestled together in a fertile valley
Along a gently flowing stream
With a main street and three others

A blacksmith, a pub and a hardware shop
Welcomed them to a town blossoming
Ready to welcome the railway next year
Boasting a school of 25 students
The future looks very promising
A new family each week moving in

They camped the night by the river
Joe and George the dog explored
William and Mary welcomed the rest
Before night they'd bought supplies
A leg of lamb a welcome feast
Before a cool night of peaceful sleep

Horses hitched, cow tied to the back
Joe and George loaded, time to go
After a hearty breakfast, an hour after dawn
The journey to Jeffcott continued
Heading north east into the morning sun
Anticipating their next adventure

Days were long on the trail
Excitement and anticipation drove William
The finest farm in the district
A sea of golden wheat
A large mob of wooly sheep
His mind's eye saw it clearly

For Joe it was a big adventure
Sitting on top of the wagon
Calling to George running beside
Excited to see a Kangaroo
Even helped his dad drive the wagon
Sleep came easy after the sun set

Mary had her dreams as well
A house with a couple of bedrooms
A big welcoming fireplace
Three kids healthy and happy
A rosey future, their's to be had
Watching the kids grow up

Twenty days on the road
Saw the family arrive in Donald
One day to go to their new home
The afternoon spent getting directions
This was their new town
They bought supplies for a month

Peter Falla, the town blacksmith,
Helped with a few repairs
Mary and Joe explored the shops
Stowed the supplies and readied the wagon
It was still morning as they pulled out
The last step in a three week trek

The country was flat and dry
It had been a typical summer
Very little rain - hot each day
Still a touch of green here and there
Hinting hard struggles lay a head
William and Mary were up to the challenge

Just before dark they set camp
In a clearing surrounded by trees
Welcome to our home William said
One day this will be yours Joe
And your kids and their kids
They couldn't be happier