War in Iraq

​War is killing the world
Killing our future
Who can stop it
Not George W Bush

We will stay the course
Be there until the end
Die one by one
These colours don't run

Got rid of Saddam
In no time at all
Mission complete
We were told

You can't kill a Muslim
They die for Allah
Strap on a bomb
And do his will

Kill some Americans
Become a martyr
And you will go to
Paradise for eternity

Why do they have to hate us
If they would do as they were told
There wouldn't be a problem
We could all live in peace

After three years
Nearly 3000 dead
The war is growing
Out of control

We invaded their land
Rescued their country
We stayed to help
Show them the way

We aren't dictators
Nor invaders
It's just the way we do it
We are American

We pry and interfere
Always know what's best
But these guys are different
They all want to be king

They are killing each other
With bullets and bombs
Look what we got them
Their own civil war