She sat alone
In his chair
She isn't old
But now a widow

Memories flooded back
Skylarking at the river
Falling into the water
Was her first memory of him

He was 16 she was 15
He spent the next five years
Attached to her side
The sweetest guy her mum had met

It was only two years
Since her baby was born
Prettiest Little girl
Will always look like daddy

Two older brothers
Welcomed her into their family
Mother and father so proud
Finally a baby girl

She was born the day
America invaded Iraq
Her husband sold cars
He moonlighted in the army reserve

Money was tight
They needed the money
Kids don't come cheap
They'll have the best

A letter arrived
We want your husband
We want your father
We will look after him

My God she thought
She didn't want him to go
He was her friend
Her lover her sanity

Soldiers died
A few each week
Please God don't rob us
Of our darling man

The longest 12 months
They all endured
Baby turned one
The boys grew an inch

Their soldier returned
Visibly harder
They didn't care
Daddy was home

Selling cars for six months
Returned the old demure
Picnics and playing ball
One very happy family

Romantic candle lit dinners
Flower and chocolates
Sneaking a kiss on her neck
Oh how she loved her man

The kids would rush the door
Trying to beat the dog
To their daddy
Sharing hugs and kisses

The mailman brought that letter
The same as before
She cried all afternoon
Please leave us alone

He'll be alright
They all said
In 12 months he'll be back
The World will be safer

Each time an American died
Her heart sank
How much more can she take
Staying strong for the kids

It was Good Friday
The World shook with the news
Fifty Americans killed
An Iraqi cop driving a car

He waved so friendly
Detonated a bomb
Bodies were like carpet
Covering the ground

They didn't have to tell her
She felt him leave
Sadness enveloped the home
Nothing will ever be the same

A victim of war
Hurting more at home
Than on the battlefield
Three kids are fatherless

On her saddest day
She created a smile
Those memories are sweet
She'll always love that man​

War Widow