Rain noisy on the old tin roof
Mud puddles everywhere
Water starved gardens
Drinking as much as they can

It's been a long time
Since they had this much
Ground is cracked
Lawns brown and dusty

Excited kids playing in gutters
Splashing anyone near
Parents inside wondering
Is it enough is there more

Just in time for the wheat
They'll need more in a month
This won't carry it to harvest
It does give them hope

Australia has it all
Wide open spaces
Education for all
A lifestyle envied by many

Our cricket team's the best
A world class grand prix
We talk proudly of achievements
Of other Aussies

What is the future
Of this great land
Without enough water to flush
In many towns and spreading

Mother nature is cruel
Deserting us taking our water
I hope the governments wake soon
Before there isn't any water to drink

​We Need More Rain