We Us Our's​​

​We live on a boat
We don't have a goat
A cow a horse none of that
But we do have a bird and a cat

My car is blue
I drive faster than you
Donna drives a red BM
Cops always looking for them

Donna is a mail carrier
Think I might marry her
She enjoys reading a book
Loves to eat chook

Rascal is the cat
Sometimes a rat
Yarra the bird
Squawks to be heard

Everywhere you look a duck
Some might say that would suck
An alligator's head
Oh dear, enough said

Where the hell is Hawthorn
I am so forlorn
So I bought a shark
For a bit of a lark

This is our house
We think it's grouse
Plenty of room for two
We are very happy thank you