The sun stayed away
Not wanting to spoil
This winter's day
A strong breeze blew
From the water
Across the beach

Waves crashing loudly
Again and again
They watched seagulls
Fighting over food
The beach in winter
Is for just a few

An hour until changing tides
Where did the water go
Why does it come back
Is it the same water
Was it moved on
Replaced by water by afar

Peace and tranquility
For a busy mind
A man and his dog
Sitting against a rock
Looking out over the ocean
The World doesn't exist

The rolling sea
Sneaking up the beach
Retreating quickly
Re-arranging the sand
Decorating the beach
With clumps of seaweed

A newcomer walks the beach
Throws a stick
His enthusiastic dog runs
Returning proudly with the stick
Then solitude once more
Just a freighter on the horizon

Hours pass quickly
The mesmerizing sea
Waves crash against rocks
Water sprays into the air
An act of violence
With a calming effect

Clouds now dark
Afternoon turning into dusk
Seen no-one for hours
Only scavenging seagulls
Occasional crabs
Rushing about their business

The rain appeared as mist
Not enough to interrupt thoughts
Just a warning of things to come
Mist replaced by storms
Storms born in the Arctic
Matured over the Pacific

Life should always
Be this way
No cares
No problems
Just time
For best friends

​Winter Beach