​You're a Bloody Beauty

​It was as hot as hell
110 in the water bottle
Heat shimmering off the road
Was always hot in January
The kids swam in the river
Dogs hid under the house

A stranger walked up the street
A real bloody sight to see
A battered hat'd seen better days
Corks hanging from the brim
He was missing a couple
His dog's a scruffy looking bugger

G'day mate he said to Jack
Do ya think it'll get hot
Dunno Cobber been warm all week
Any hotter you'll have to carry your coat
Got enough to carry now
Can ya spare a smoke

Jack handed him his Havelock tin
Rubbing the tobacco in his left hand
He said the names Fred Bayles
Jack Smith welcome to Donald
Come a long way cobber
Yeah down from Swan Hill

Left about a week ago
Just taking our time
One day we only walked two hours
It was a real bloody stinker
Poor bloody Benny was buggered
I could have gone all day

That's me dog Benny
He's a bit of a kelpie
And a bit of a heeler
Named him after the Prime Minister
Good old Ben bloody Chifley
He was a train driver you know

Ya silly old bugger
Chifley got beaten
By Pig Iron Bob in '49
That's nearly 10 years ago
How about King George then
Died in '52, his girl is Queen

Bloody hell cobber
A lot has changed
Since I hit the road in '47
Fought the bloody Japs
The bastards put me in Changi
Me mates died there

I was buggered when I got back
To Coonabarabran in '46
Skinny as a bloody rake
It didn't last long
Me and the missus fought
A year later I was gone

Found Benny in Queensland
A young'n wandering
Through the bush
We've teamed up ever since
He's a good mate
Catches a feed now and then

A peaceful life we have
Got all we need
A billy and a swag
Some days it's too hot
Others it's too bloody cold
Sleep in a shed here and there

Come inside cobber
I'll get you some tea and sugar
Maybe a sandwich or two
Sure the missus won't mind
She's at her mothers
Ripper mate, you're a bloody beauty