​The parents are strict
Children of Palestine
Their marriage arranged
Told who to wed
As has been done
For hundreds of years

To America they brought
Their traditions and faith
Six children their family
Sons and daughters of Allah
Each one a good Muslim
Proud of their faith

Modern American culture
Gives freedom to all
You can marry your love
The person of your dreams
Not chosen by your father
The son of his friend

The eldest daughter
Of age to be married
Find a good Muslim
Marry, have his children
Love will come later
Look at your mom and dad

But she loves another
A black Christian man
Together so happy
So much in love
Arabic men aren't for her
She prefers them black

The embracing of cultures
Doesn't always please dad
His daughters will each marry
A good Arabic boy
It is their culture
Nothing will change

Storm clouds growing
Lightning and thunder
Cultures crashing
Causing agony and pain
Dividing a close family
Nothing to be gained

Father against daughter
Siblings confused
Mother shattered
Years a happy family
Destroyed by doggedly
Following outdated traditions

​You Will Marry a Muslim